Créditos para emprendedores, consejos y documentación

Créditos emprendedores

En este post vamos a ver todos los documentos que generalmente podrán solicitarte a la hora de pedir un crédito para emprendedores, tanto las entidades bancarias como otro tipo de plataformas de financiación alternativa, y cómo aumentar así las posibilidades de conseguir un crédito para emprendedores. Créditos para emprendedores: aumentar la posibilidad de obtenerlo Hay ciertas medidas o […]

Traditional investors take P2PL platforms seriously

P2PL Platform

Major financial institutions are starting to pay attention to peer-to-peer lending (P2PL) as the P2PL platforms take an increasing share of the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) lending market. Crowdlending funds emerge Insurance companies have backed a new investment fund from Eiffel Investment Group. The €100m Prêtons Ensemble fund will receive €50m from Aviva […]

MytripleA appoints Rey, ex BBVA, to Advisory Board

Incorporation Francisco Rey

MytripleA, the leading Spanish crowdlending platform, has appointed Francisco Rey to its Advisory Board. The appointment will allow MytripleA to benefit from Francisco Rey’s experience to focus on its growth strategy. Francisco Rey has had a long and successful career as a director of major finance companies, in global positions based in New York and […]

Evolution of Peer to Peer lending in Spain

Peer to Peer Lending

In Spain, banks have always had the possibility of offering a wide range of financial services, such as the securitization of assets; as opposed to US banks, which have been legally prohibited from offering certain services related to the capital markets. This is why the banking industry in Spain has always enjoyed a leading role […]